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Hollywood Music in Media Awards-Pop-Perfect Day (Nov 2015)

Tillywig Toys-Top Fun Award Winner-Do You Believe In Magic? (Aug 2015)

Creative Child Magazine-2015 CD of the Year Award for Musical Story-Do You Believe In Magic? (Aug 2015)

Parents Choice-Approved Award-Audiobook for Do You Believe In Magic? (Aug 2015)

2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nomination: Bittersweet (Alternative)

13th Annual Independent Music Awards VOX POP WINNER “Fairy Tale Love” Children’s Song

International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2012 WINNERFairy Tale LoveChildren’s Music

International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2013 FINALIST “Fairy Tale Love,” “Little Things” Children’s Music

John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2013 Finalist: “Fairy Tale Love” Children’s Music

John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2012 Finalist: “Little Things” Children’s Music

2013 NAPPA Family Favs Award Winner (a program sponsored by Epstein Custom Media and the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA))Is Love A Fairy Tale?-Little Things

Creative Child Magazine’s “Preferred Choice Award-Kid’s CD Category” (Is Love A Fairy Tale? 2012, What Are Dreams Made Of? 2013);

Tillywig Toy Award “Sterling Fun” (Is Love A Fairy Tale? 2012) and “Best Creative Fun (What Are Dreams Made Of? 2013);

Family Review Center’s “Gold Award” for “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” (2012) and “What Are Dreams Made Of?” (2013);

Parents Choice-Recommended Award-Storytelling for What Are Dreams Made Of? (2013)

Family Review Center: “Best Of The Year” Product Award for What Are Dreams Made Of? (2013)

KIDS FIRST! Endorsement for Screenplays: “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” and “What Are Dreams Made Of?”

Academics’ Choice Mind Spring Award for What Are Dreams Made Of? (2014)

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  2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest-Official Finalist-Stage Play Competition: “Aoede’s What Are Dreams Made Of?”

2014 Indie Gathering Film Festival Script Award Winner-Feature-Musical: “What Are Dreams Made Of?”

2014 New York Screenplay Contest Official Finalist Stage Play “Aoede’s What Are Dreams Made Of?”

2014 Beverly Hills Film Festival Official Screenplay “Aoede’s What Are Dreams Made Of?”

2013 Indie Gathering Award-Winning Music Video and Official Selection: Fairy Tale Love

2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nomination: Fairy Tale Love

2013 Indie Fest USA Official Selection-Music Video: Fairy Tale Love

2013 Official Screenplays Indie Fest USA: “What Are Dreams Made Of?” and “Is Love A Fairy Tale?”

2013 West Coast Songwriters International Songwriting Contest-Honorable Mention: Fairy Tale Love and Make It Up As You Go

2013 UNSIGNED ONLY Semi Finalist-Folk/Singer-Songwriter: Aoede: Bittersweet, Fairy Tale Love

2013 SEMIFINALIST: Fairy Tale Love Song of the Year Contest;

LA Music Award’s 2012 Children’s Album of the Year: “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” Nominated for 2012 LA Music Awards HOT AC Artist of the Year, Female Singer-Songwriter and Record of the Year;

The Akademia Music Awards: June 2014 Folk-Singer Songwriter-BEST SONG: “Days Like This”; March 2013 Children’s Music: BEST ALBUM: “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” and BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Fairy Tale Love

Awarded Indie Music Channels 2014 BEST FOLK ARTIST “Perfect Day” and BEST ALTERNATIVE SONG “Gravity,” 2013 BEST FOLK RECORDING-“Bittersweet” and BEST FOLK VIDEO-“Fairy Tale Love” and  Indie Music Channel’s 2012 BEST FEMALE FOLK ARTIST and BEST FOLK PRODUCER for “Love Proof”;

Awarded Artists in Music’s 2012 BEST FOLK-ACOUSTIC ARTIST and ALBUM OF THE YEAR for Affair with the Muse;

  Top 5 Nominees: 2013, 2014 Artists in Music Awards BEST Folk-Acoustic Artist, BEST Singer-Songwriter, Composer-Songwriter of the Year

HONORABLE MENTION: Love Proof, 2012 Song of the Year Contest;’s recipient of a “Top Album of the Decade” honor for Push and Pull (2008); Best of the 2000s’s “Top Artist of the Year” for 2008;

WINNER Express in Music Contest to Pitch an Original Song to a Brand, Popular Vote and Cash Prize (May 2011);

Multi-year ASCAP Plus Award Recipient;

Aoede’s song “I Lost, You Win” Charted at #11 on the International Association of Independent Recording Artists (IAIRA) International Top 15 (Aug 2010);

West Coast Songwriters-WCS 2007 International Songwriting Contest-Finalist for “Rose Colored Glasses”




“Sniderman and her talented troupe of singers, character voices and musicians gallantly travel through this ambitious undertaking. Listeners will recognize when some of Sniderman’s characters borrow traits from the greats who have gone before–Yoda, Gollum and Dobby, for example. The Dream Sequence reminded some of the playful and witty dialogue from Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. We applaud the creative effort and hope that Sniderman will work to further home her structure story and develop her characters to carry on in future fantasy adventures.”
(Parents Choice, Recommended Award Winner-Storytelling)

“If this album were any better it would be on Broadway.. a luscious rainbow of music, story, characters and adventure that will mesmerize children and entertain adults… magical worlds of music, tales, characters, excitement, concern, love and joy. Her albums are ostensibly for children, but really, the music is so sophisticated and the artists she joins with and directs are so talented that adults get lost in them…”
(Patrick O’Heffernan, Vents Magazine)

“Delving back into the Wonderhaven fantasy realm, she creates vividly inventive portraits of fairy and goblin characters prompted by a “nyxmare” to which creative children who spend hours in imaginative play will naturally gravitate. For anyone who listens to children’s music… it’s rare to find something that doesn’t get cheesily boring, irritatingly repetitive very quickly, becoming quite torturous… one could easily imagine how this airy and fantasy-filled album would translate into a children’s TV show or a movie… Hints of indie pop’s Feist, Lisa Loeb , Susannah Hoff and Ingrid Michaelson influences weave in and out like Renaissance festival ribbons on several tracks. There’s even a little reggae on “All This Mess”. During Aoede’s excursion to the underworld to prevent the white witch from winning, children will automatically become invested in how this story ends. For parents who enjoyed the Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fantasy series, this album falls well within this genre. Will Aoede triumph in the end?  The album will keep the audience enthralled enough until the end to find out.”
Music Emissions)

“Theater for your ears!”
(Lisa Smith, Big Blends Radio)

“In ‘What Are Dreams Made Of?,’ singer/songwriter Lisa Sniderman and her collaborators have created something more than just a unique combination of story and song. They’ve fashioned a fully-formed universe whose carefully wrought details rival those in the fantastical novels so popular with teens and tweens nowadays. In the story, Aoede The Muse sets out to understand her recurring bad dream (a ‘Nyxmare’) that overlaps with events in the magical town of Wonderhaven, where children have been going missing. Along the way we meet a cast of memorable characters – Luk, Morpheus, Goblins, The White Witch – some friendly, some not so much. The audio tracks regularly alternate between spoken word and melody, with songs ranging in tone from catchy pop to darker fare. The rich inventiveness of the characters, storyline, and language flesh out a mystical world into which listeners are drawn, the recording acting as a portal to the deepest levels of our imagination.”
(Tillywig Toy Awards (BEST CREATIVE FUN AWARD))

“This new release reaches beyond the audience that she was embracing in her previous work and now she is embracing the older genre, the tweens and teens, as well as young adults… This is a captivating and inviting story shared in word and music. A beautiful piece of art in cd form. The picture she paints through her work is spellbinding and one that you will enjoy again and again. Child and parent alike can enter in to this fairytale world and experience this exciting new realm together.”
(Family Review Center (GOLD AWARD))

“Its like watching a musical with parts of speech to tell the tale and then breaks into music and back to the story. I loved the music and the tale.. I kept on smiling how fun it was, brought memories of a  child hood memory of a band I enjoyed which told a story and then begins to sing in each section of the show… When you hear the song and the story that is happening you can close your eyes and imagine this happening. a picture pops in your head of exactly what is going on. I feel as if I can see it happening without it being on TV or on my computer, no image needed. The music and tale gives you everything you need to understand what is going on..”
(Natasha Miller-TestTryResults)

“Gr 3-8–In this mix of story and song, Aoede (pronounced A-E-D), a muse from Olympus, travels to the land of Wonderhaven to look for love… Aoede has a lovely soprano voice… This fun production should find a place in most library music collections for children. Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX ”
(Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX, School Library Journal Book Verdict)

“As a music critic, this album isn’t that easy to review. It’s closer to theater or literature than it is to music…. Looking to the production and performance, this is a very professional creation. It’s obviously something with a lot of thought put into it… All I can say is well done.”
(Gary Hill, Music Emissions)

“Taking cue from the magic of imagination and getting lost in a story, Aoede’s ‘Is Love a Fairy Tale’ captures the innocence and dream world so easily forgotten. Aoede’s mesmerizing, almost ethereal vocals transport the listener to a simpler time. While this album, a children’s album, has greater appeal to tweens, the message is still fun and engaging for all ages… This entire album surprised me, and really just put me in a great mood.”
(Melissa Kucirek, Hot Indie News)

“What’s striking is that the narrative is written so cleverly that it leaves one wondering whether the songs came first or were written specifically for the latter album. Kudos must go to the story writing and weaving an appropriate storyline around already existing tracks… It is incredibly clever and seamless… The creativity is vast and makes one wonder if Aoede does in fact have a muse.”
(Christopher West, SKOPE Magazine)

“Congratulations. We have selected your songs” Can’t Stop The Music & Bittersweet” for promotion and airplay on The Airomee Wind Radio Station. “This music needs no one to” compliment it. The music speaks for itself. Aoede’s music is filled with colorful images of life that leave a lasting impression on listeners mind.”
(Airomee Wind, The Airomee Wind Radio Station)

“Through a collage of timeless animation and inspired real-word vignettes, Aoede compels you back to youth and the unshakeable belief in happily ever after… Aoede’s quirky lyrics and fun, catchy hooks laid over well-crafted melodies transport one back to the innocence and magic of childhood. Is Love A Fairy Tale? is a musical journey that, in the end, leaves one tickled and in awe.”
(The Akademia Music Awards

“I found this collection quite interesting. It was almost like listening to a musical. Each track had some narration and some music but the Is Love A Fairy Tale? CD makes one continuous story. I would say that the story itself is good for pre-teens and would be especially appealing to girls. It talks about a young woman in search of love. She’s not sure what it is or how to find it. She looks lots of places and meets lots of interesting creatures in the mystical land where she lives. In the end we learn that ‘love is whatever you want it to be’ and is ‘the greatest thing of all’.”
(Kerrific Online)

“This CD is so catchy and unique… My 5 year old likes it… I think I may share this with my best friend who has 4 girls in her house. The music is very fun and engaging and stays in your head all day. I love all fairy tales, and I love greek mythology even more so this is right up my alley. The narration through out really brings the story in the music together. We, well me and the 5 year old, really enjoy this and I can’t wait to share with my friend and her girls and see what they think too. 5/5?
(Jenn’s Review Blog)

“How fun! I really enjoyed this “audio book”. It flows warmly, intertwining music, narration and leading questions, which take you in to the story line with a pre-set stage for what you are about to embark on. Between the sound effects and excellent narration, you can visualize the story well, as you walk along with the characters you will meet on the way. I love to put these on in the car when going for a drive … everyone can relax and enjoy the story together. Then, when we stop for a bite to eat, we have something to talk about – the story! This is a well produced audio CD and I know you will enjoy it. Reading is awesome – I love to read! However, sometimes reading is not practical or inviting, which are the times you want something such as this to kick back and enjoy. Great for children ages 9-14 but I think all ages will enjoy the fun tale.”
(Family Review Center (GOLD AWARD))

  “Aoede (Lisa Sniderman) has a fizzy, fancy-free persona conveyed with a hint of Brit-ness a la Lilly Allen, but is much less edgy… charming ukulele fueled Love Proof whose quaint simplicity and deft vocal harmonies recall the Ditty Bops. This artist has a unique spirit…”
(Music Connection-New Music Critiques)

“This talented songwriter has a gift for crafting pop melodies and lyrics so catchy you’ll find yourself humming and singing along from the very first listen. Her voice has the unique ability to be simultaneously upbeat and plaintive, a quality that keeps the listener actively engaged. The arrangements are awash in warm harmonies and delightfully quirky, well-suited instrumental choices. The standouts include ‘Make It Up As You Go,’ a buoyant, catchy whistle tune that shows us that anything we can imagine, we can create. ‘Little Things,’ a delightful song about the pleasures to be had from life’s simpler offerings, makes us wonder why the ukulele isn’t used far more often in pop music. And the joyful ‘Reason To Smile’ uses trombone and tuba to great effect in ways that brings the Beatles to mind.”
(Tillywig Toy Awards

“Aoede’s refreshing vocals that float effortlessly over her uplifting productions bring a smile to every face and even when her tracks focus on the more negative aspects of life there is still an underlying optimism that gives the listener an overwhelming sense that everything WILL be ok.”
(The BizzNiz)

“Supported by a wonderfully appropriate video, ‘Fairy Tale Love’ is a wonderful celebration of childhood innocence; both the song and video incorporate fairy tale imagery to great effect, “what if the prince never kissed Beauty’s lips, she might still be sleeping alone.”
(Don Strachan-Life After BHS)

“For AOEDE, you cannot tag her as a single genre artist, in fact, it is much harder to pin her down in one category, because her music is outside any realm of typical categories. Instead, put her in your “Popular” playlist and hit repeat often, because if you enjoy music by Regina Spektor, and Feist, Ingrid Michaelson then you will definitely enjoy AOEDE.”
(Mikey Jay, The Great Unknowns Presents)

  “Poppy, upbeat, heartfelt, passion-filled, talented – those are just some words one might use to describe Aoede.  Lisa Sniderman has a brilliantly vibrant voice that matches her positive personality.  Her music isn’t necessarily confined to any set parameters, that is to say, if you compared her song I Lost, You Win to Love Proof, you might think it was two different artists. Aoede has a distinct Pop sound to it, but not the kind of mainstream Pop sound.  When the ukulele is added into the mix, it gives off a happy, positive feeling much the way Molly Lewis‘ music does (minus the comedy)… If I were to compare Aoede to someone it would be The Oh Wells.  Like The Oh Wells, Aoede creates songs with lyrics that are deep, sensitive, and contemplative…”
(MarsBands Review)

“Affair With The Muse’s best moments are when Aoede completely lets her guard down… Full of fun, poppy hooks and gorgeous underscored production that only aids in making these engaging lovelorn themes all the more enticing; Aoede’s easy-to-love pop will forever find a home on your headphones.”
(Jason Gladu, Stage Door Music Reviews)

“Affair With the Muse’s lyrics are dominated by reactions, observations & questions pertaining to the matters of the heart… This album is like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. You’ll find yourself reflecting upon your own experiences. You’ll find yourself deep in empathy, as if her words were meant for your ears alone.”
(Fred, Sqwerm Music Review)

“Aoede’s quirky folk/pop sensibilities mix with both light and dark on her latest album, sometimes throwing up glorious sparks of song, while at others simply documenting the passage of time and the survival of creation; of life itself. “Fairy Tale Love” explores wanting that perfect love story… Aoede’s sweetly anachronistic voice dances with the melody line to create a sweet opening moment.”

“Hey! This is Christopher Ewing, Host of “The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown”. I’m writing you to say “Congratulations”! Your music has been chosen for consideration for airplay on “The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown”! I receive thousands and thousands of submissions for airplay from all over the world, and you were chosen from all of those submissions because I feel that you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now. Way to go! ”
(Christopher Ewing, The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown)

“Once every blue moon, the universe is blessed with the laughter of an angel. There may be a blue moon for awhile because the musical vibe of Aoede encompasses that angelic sound. Beyond the voice, there is inspirational songwriting and a metaphysical presence within every note… Her story is as compelling as her willingness to share it with the world.”
(Ced 1, Independent Music and Media)

“One of the fun things about diving into a sea of mostly DIY music is “discovering” an unsigned artist who could be the next big thing. At a very least, it’s easy to find more than a few folks who are going to have exciting careers which I will enjoy following. One is San Francisco area singer/songwriter Aoede (Lisa Sniderman, who also has a bitchin’ blog). With a vocal style similar to Feist or Fiona Apple, her songs are more lush and ornate than either. She also writes some seriously catchy hooks.  “I Lost You Win” builds from a simple melodic piano riff into into an almost Bell & Sebastion like baroque pop arrangement with a chorus that is just stuck in my head. In “Fairy Tale Romance” and “Crave Me” Aoede shows a playful side that is warmer and more intimate than B&S as well. It kills me that I’ll be in San Fransisco the next two days and she has no live dates.  Maybe next time.”
(Walking on a Wire-Artist of the Week)

“… I find myself being whisked away by the sounds of Aoede I need a copy of Push and Pull in the house, in the vehicle, in the studio and in my head all the time. I’ve added this gem to my own personal favorite collection, but then you will too once you’ve treated your ears to this masterpiece! Just remember….A-E-D!”
(Kit McGuire KRIM Radio)

“Bringing pop worthy hooks together with alt rock instrumentation and smoky production, Push and Pull, Aoede’s new release (May 2008), stays with you long after the first listen…demanding more spins and closer attention…an unforgettable emotional listening experience…”
(Massive Music)

“…multi-faceted and intensely engaging from the first song… Sniderman’s vocal is electrifying! Aoede are worthy of investigating.”
(Anna Maria Stjarnell, Luna Kafe ezine record review)

“Aoede is a band with talented musicians in David Sands and John Walden, but it is really a vehicle for vocalist/songwriter Lisa Sniderman. Part Amie Mann and part Kate Bush, Sniderman exudes a painfully wrought honesty on Push And Pull. This is true singer-songwriter confessional material, without pretense or machination.”
Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
(Review of Push and Pull-Wildysworld)

“AOEDE/Push and Pull:  This crew probably came to Leonard Cohen by way of “I’m Your Fan”, but the contemporary influences like Nick Cave and PJ Harvey certainly ring authentic and organic.  Not exactly a set that will make you want to gargle with razor blades, this trio certainly know their way around college music for the moody.  Well conceived genre set that you can just imagine leaking out of Ipods
as the fall term kicks in.”
(Aoede Muse)
(Midwest Record Recap)

“The music conjures up all of the fantasy and inspiration of a beautiful, tragic myth. It is a story-telling, magic-making kind of music… her vocals add a lightness, a radiance that dances on the edges of the music itself. It’s like the halo on an angel, the shimmering light on a firefly’s back.”
(San Fran Voice)

“personal, sweet indie pop…the perfect soundtrack for an autumn road trip”
(Justin Winokur, JWC Artist Group)

“Rose Colored Glasses” is a perfect beginning to this record and reminds me of the Indigo Girls with rich overlapping vocal harmonies sung by Lisa and a beat that kept my toes tapping.  This is a song about getting honest and real with oneself and others, a story we can all relate to.  “Leap Of Faith” is an insightful song of encouragement.  With the third song, “Flickering”, the expression “word-smith” came to mind.  Lisa writes metaphors that would make Bob Dylan proud!  The last song “So It Goes” is thick with emotion and the instrumentation is excellent and perfectly conveys the moodiness and desperation of the piece.  Lisa’s phrasing is so unique and sends home her point!  I can’t wait to hear the whole album due out in the Summer of 2007.
(Goddess Queen Magazine-Review-Ear Candy)

“Offering acoustic-rooted singer-songwriter stylings, Aoede conjures a sound all its own yet referential of similar artists such as Aimee Mann. Emotive and emotionally intelligent, “Ear Candy” is tasty for both your aural sensors as well as your soul.”
(Corazine-Review of Ear Candy)

“Ear Candy”, is an interesting collection of 4-tunes that pushes an organic folk rock message with a dash of alternative and avant-garde. The first track, “Rose Colored Glasses”, showcases Sniderman’s vocals, and we were immediately reminded of Lena Lovitch and Chrissy Hynde. The songwriting here has a touch punk as lyrics describe the shiny happy contacts that inspired it, ‘when your life is a bed of roses, you’re tasting milk and honey and skies are always blue, can’t let those thorns hurt you”. Sniderman’s delivery is original. She provides her own harmonies and the arrangement of those vocals is compelling – such as in track 2’s, “Leap of Faith”. The chorus is endearing. There are only 4 tracks on the album, and the third combines an atmospheric dreamy verse vibe with metallic acoustic guitar support as Sniderman describes life as ‘flickerin, just when we want it to be still it keeps on flickerin’. The final track, “So it Goes”, is an anthem emotional piece and our favorite on the CD. We look forward to more.
(Ear Buzz-Ear Candy Review)

“…a refreshing collection of self written songs that draws the listener in. The catchy lyrics coupled with strong vocals keep you coming back for more.”
(GoGirls-Georgia Moncrief-Ear Candy-Review)

“When Hobbyhorse first heard Aoede, we were immediately struck by Lisa’s  unique voice, their songs, which are both intimate and catchy, and the personal and musical chemistry between Lisa and David.  Aoede’s music has really grown on us. The more we listen to and get to know Aoede, the more we like them.”

“Singer/songwriter with a modern pop feel, sophisticated sound, and thoughtful songs!”
( Presents the Best in Independent Music)


I so adore Aoede’s album ‘Push and Pull’ not just because it contains outstanding songs, but also because the production is beautiful. Turn it up and listen to Lisa Sniderman’s wonderful voice on ‘I Lost You Win’ – fantastic, She has a beautiful voice, and her songs mostly cross the line between Pop and rock, which is a bonus as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I Love this album from start to finish an absolute brilliant work from all members of this great band ..Rock on Aoede!” (Carl Warren-Fan-Reverbnation)
Amazing painting of sound colors and beautiful passion in your voice!!! Very cool journey through space and time…Great work Lisa on “I Lost, You Win”!! John Revitte


Does She have a CD out??” Jeanne Rajabzadeh

Cool and fantastic voice…good job…I like it. Lentera Awan

I Lost You Win. Nice piano and vocals. really enjoyed!Dorothy Wilson

LOOOOOOVE YOUR VOCALS,GREAT SONGS, nice style, keep it comming…enjoyed your musicJoe G

Wow!!! I Lost You Win is amazing!!!! I’ve listened to it five times in a row. It’s just beautiful! The video is amazing!” Dominique Ressurreicao

I could listen to you sing all day……JT“  XNO

That’s beautiful music and your vocals are awesome!David Militello

Wow, great vocals, im impressed, rock on :) ))!VOID INN

“Very very cool, what a voice xxx” Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers

“Enchanting, indeed. We love it, and will certainly come back.” Xenophanes Productions

“A very different and bright repertoire, lovely voice, i like to be surprised by every song you have to listen to her never more as background music listen to her musice with all your ears, the outer, the inner ones” Dietmar Langhammer

“Your music is honest and very edgy, like walking on eggshells or starring into a broken mirror that only shows you a glimse of your wonder and splendor.” Mr LP

“Beautiful stuff–a great blend of many influences that combine to make this music timeless. Engaging.” Kev Atomic Honey

I listened to your music earlier when I added you. It kinda made me smile :) -wolfySteady Breather

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me” Motivating…Tre’Barz

I love your whole concept and your beautifully unique vocal style… I will be a regular on your page and try to play often. hugs WILL 3 a.m.

OMG I LOVE THIS SONG !!!! <3Krystal

Wow!!! beautiful song!!!! ?great work!! ?love your voice!!! The video is very well done as well!!!Michael Hartman

“I am really enjoying your songs right now. especially on this rainy day on the east.” Daylen

“Unusual name, that compelled me to listen. Nice voice and good solid music and production.” Samantha Aungle

“Nothings gun”a stop me” great track, i likes :]”David Edgar Diaries

“Hey Aoede, nice to meet you! Listened to Fairy Tail Love, nice :] Thanks for sharing!!” Zoe Ann

“Love these tunes, especially Scratch the Surface and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me. Sounds great!” Vacuumhead

I Lost You Win great song love the lyrics!Mal Fry

Absolutely gorgeous writing and tasty vocals, performances and production. AOEDE has it all! Listen…and rejoice…~ShambhuShambhu

Hello Aeode. I just adore your vocals in Nothing Going to Stop Me. Sounds like early FleetWoodMack. Ill be that listner in Ohio. Peace OC Lovely

You’re a great artist! I’ve listened to your songs … and … Wonderful!!! :) Mickey Tranquility Lane

Great music you got going on. Currently listening to ‘Scratch The Surface’ – beautiful! Wishing you all things magnificent, D” Daso

Fantastic work Aoede, Keep up the incredible work. Will be keeping my ears out for more.” AjAlexander James

Particularly enjoyed the original fresh sound of “Nothing’s Going to Stop Me Now” and the nice melody in “Analis.” ”The 2nd Street Blues Band

Absolutely love this! Hope to catch you in the Bay Area…Big Red Beaver

What A Great press release. Your album cover looks fantastic!!! It’s just what you were envisioning. How great to see it become reality.”  Annie Hobbyhorse

Hey aoede LOVE the track “nothings gonna stop me” gorgeous vocals and song structure!Little Black Bats

Your music is super and very interesting. I like it very much and would be thrilled to become one of your fans too… would it be possible to buy a signed physical copy of your most beautiful album? Best Wishes.Carl Warren

You have extremely strong vocals that combines power with subtlety and that shows real control and natural talent.Joshua Scott

Thank you for the message and for introducing me to your songs. They’re really beautiful, you have a lovely voice.” Karol kandm

You have a beautiful voice. The instrumentation on I Lost You Win is stellar… I’m now a fan of yours too!” G-Rad

Your music blends seamlessly with my day. Nice.Kofi Manfiah

I’ve become a fan of yours too… your songs are deep and beautiful. Alex Tangent Sunset

Lucky i did listen. cliche’…. but i was arrested by your sound and writing and singing. keep rockn seattle and beyond… peace, forrestForrest Whitlow

I’m crazy about your smooth pop music – I Lost, You Win is a jazzy little number! Beautiful vocal – and awesome lyric. I’m a fan!” DP Pindell

You sound exactly like Martha Davis from the Motels. I’m sure you’ve heard that right? I kinda like You Don’t Know Me… it’s got a nice vibe and the lyrics are really provocative.Sean Riley

Beautiful voice!! Glad you connected with us. Very impressed. And wonderful video! :) The Perfects

Thank you nymph woodland creature ?we like your video meow outTiny Little Blackouts

Fairy Tale Love” is a true pop confection–sonically delicious!Bingham Willoughby

Love the piano on I Lost, You Win.. Your voice is so unique which creates a dark and seductive vibe that truly captures your attention from the minute you start singing!Jonathan Tambe

I really like your music by the way – it’s ethereal and alternative at the same time – kind of like Sarah McLachlan meets Loreena McKennit :) Catherine Duc

The video for I Lost, You Win is excellent. The music overall is truly haunting and I assume that’s Lisa’s vocal. Outstanding. I’m an old band/tour roadie/tech. You have “it”…”  Larry The Duck Old Roadie

Aoede, every once in a while I find real magic on RN. Here you are and I am enthralled! Wonderful wonderful music and a voice that makes me ache somewhere inside. (It’s a good thing). Your music is fantastic!!! ?Thank you for finding me…. So pleased! ?Your music is amazing and I can see the darkness lurking in your writing too. But, I must say you work is so professional and your voice is sensational. ?I am definitely your fan. ?Love it!Ian Stokol

I’m so glad that you found me. your music sounds incredible. it is exactly what i need and i really can’t get enough of it. it would be so great to see you in germany soon. stay wicked and take care. darkest greetings from sisaSisa

Beautiful voice and songs like fairy tales!Constance

Wow, your music is truly amazing — you are an inspiration! I will definitely be back to listen again. :) Douglas Craig

Very accomplished writing…wonderful melodies jumping out,with subtle support from the band ?all the best guys,Daz Wedgwood

Love your first track!!!!! fan now!!!! JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!Angeliki Kouali

“I Lost You Win is such a nice tune, great & sweet voice you have, Aoede, sing sustaining without effort.
I’ll be back to listen more! Brazilian hugs
Ro Favilla

I really liked “Love proof” bouncy and fun yet brutally honest…best of luck to you :) Lynnay

Just listened to some of your tunes, very beautiful and captivating, kudos. Now a fan on ReverbNation!Assaf Vestin

I so adore Aoede’s album ‘Push and Pull’ not just because it contains outstanding songs, but also because the production is beautiful. Turn it up and listen to Lisa Sniderman’s wonderful voice on ‘I Lost You Win’ – fantastic,Carl Warren

Love Playing your tunes on Rockin u Radio…Mark Steven

Light, bright & lovely * AOEDE is awesome!Ecologyngle

Love piano and vocals. Great artwork too!! Cheers Mark Hansen (Sydney, Australia)Mark Andrew Hansen

Hauntingly beautiful!Loud As Rock

“Does your heart ever stop feeling” should be in a movie!Izzy Marie Hill

The last time I even came close to hearing something this unique and engaging was Crash Test Dummies.Tom Juarez

Sweet, whimsical tunes floating across jumpy waters of ukeleles, pianos, acoustic basses and wooden guitars. I like taking a swim in these songs, and relish the closed headphone approach to the mixes. Very nice work indeed.Mike White Presents

“I’m starting to fall for “Love Proof” now. It’s taken time for this to grow on me, but it’s coming on strong now. The video for it was so cute. I hate using the word “cute” by the way, but it applies here. The Muse will be with us…always.” Kev Atomic Honey

Beautiful voice! My goodness what grace and talent. I want to collab with you Aoede! We would create incredible music. Much respect.Tim Mayo


Great tunes! Love the atmosphere you guys create!Alyeus

Beautiful Pop music! Much Success & Blessings!Doctaryn

Hi Aoede! I had to stop by to listen to some more of your great songs. I just love your voice and style – beautiful! –Rachel.Rachel Kays


I bought Fairly Tale Love – which should be on the soundtrack to some big movie like shrek or something… Mark Adams

Great tracks. you kind of remind me of a cross between The Cranberries (One of my favourite bands ever) & Tori Amos with just a sprinkle of Bjork on top.? In my own humble opinion that’s a great combo! Alan Electroponin

“Love proof is my favorite …but all tracks are lovelyGiampiero b

Many thanks Aoede! ?Your music is so lovely…and also you win for your beauty.Hope Leaves

A sound track of a day in a life. Outstanding!David White

I’m starting this morning playing your songs :) … I LOVE your music as well! Strong vocals and songs, the lyrics are fantastic. You got much going for you. And hope to keep in touch,watch each other grow.. in the vast world of music :) /Jaki SongJaki Song

Your music matches the images of you. Both exceed the meaning of “loveliness.”Wally Cox

Good luck with all the stuff you’re cooking! This latest batch of songs is very strong and deserving.Cody Weathers

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Just visited your website…. AMAZING voice… strange we don’t see more of you in the media… !!!elHolios

You have got such breathtaking voice!! WOW!! your super talented! I’m now listening to your beautiful music and I’m enjoying and loving it very much!! I sure will come back to listen to more of your brilliant music!! Keep the brilliant work up! Much Love! Aria Arvan from Houston, TX Aria Arvan

I am quite impressed with your music. Very well put together and great mx. Your lyrics and voice are a fine match in the song making and I look forward to more! Hearts of Metal

We love your sound and style! You are totally awesome. We are proud to be your fans!…BATTLE MAIDEN MUSIC…Maude, Joe, Scott, and Pa. Battle Maiden Music

[Love Proof] is perfect for apple’s “Face Time” TV ad.” My Music Links

Oh the delight of “Fairy Tale Love”…come play along!!!.Ecologyngle

Wow great fresh music to keep listening and discovering, congrats and thanks for sharing this! ;) Eva Domingo

You are a breath of fresh air. Love love your style :-] Sylkay

You have a very pretty voice!  High quality website and video (!!) and songs.. Jayn, Alice Radio

Aoede is full of talent and kind generosity…MMichael Porschet

?I would like to ask if we can run your music video among our episodes to endorse your album. I really enjoy your music. I will showcase it on our channel in ongoing episodes of BuzznewsTV.BuzzNews TV

Enchanting and totally unexpected, loving your uniqueness.” David J Kelly

…melodies that stick like peanut butter & honey–Pat like… : ) Pat Sigel

If you could take art deco and classic movies, Garbo and Temple, a good story and great groove and roll it all up into a song, then I think it would sound just like Aoede… Many many more awards to follow …” Rgraceful

LOVE the magical sound of your vocals, great tracks, you have a fan for sure…take care. PaulDJ Paul Pritchard

?I become a little less “Love Proof” with each visit; I fear that one day the shield generator may give out altogether and I’ll remain fully exposed. Truly there is no other entity like you within the ionosphere. Love & respect always. KevAtomic Honey

Wonderful music you have here. Beautifully crafted songs, artfully delivered. Cap Wilhelm-Safian: June 5

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Hello from Canada! Your music is the exact definition of music I enjoy most! I really enjoyed Fairytale Love. Carla Celina Rukavina-Gignac

Hi Aoede, Been around to listen to some more trax of yours, my favs, are ‘I Lost You Win, ‘Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling’, Scratch The Surface, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me & ‘Annalis’, plenty of fav. trax, Keep it Up,;)Sonya Stewart

?Lovely songs, a welcome lift in the day :-) Snippet

I have bought your album on itunes and am looking forward to listening to the songs while flying to Australia this Friday… Good luck with your music – love your voice it’s quirky and unique but I think it’s great because you are you.” Gill  Burness

“…Was Love Proof on one of Apples iPhone Facetime commercials?  I swear I heard it… Tommy, Target Market Music

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Hyponatic and very full of true entertainment value A+ on all fronts delightfull sounds and winsome wanderings of pure joy!!” Spider Minshew

If Jack Johnson were a Female, and cooler…… he’d be Aoede (lisa)!!!! You are amazing, I instantly fell in love with your sound, and it took me to my happy place! I have never enjoyed something so much so quickly!. I am Serious…. You are REALLY REALLY REALLY cool, amazing, terrific, contagious, heartfelt, youthfull ;) (C.A.T.C.H.Y.) Much Love!!!Ricky Morse

Wow, what a voice and great songwriting! I really liked “Scratch the Surface”, very commercial – in a good way! Cool lyrics, this stuff draws you in. Much more success is on the way – Tom” Tom Baylek

“Stopping by one of our very favorite all around artists and inspirations for our daily muse!! Lisa you are outstanding!!!” Janani

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Oh honey, you have such a beautiful voice and unique style. Love it!Alex Cartwright

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Well just wow! Thank you so much for the note and for taking an interest in me! I just love listening to that music and am now a fan. Thanks for the download too. I’ll be keeping up with Aeode music.” Jane Lipsius-Driver

We love you guys! You have a very animated fun loving, bright sound! ?We all felt happy listening to your music! ?Thank you so very much for sharing with us! ?I (Kaela) particularly loved “If you Already Knew”! Top favvvvvv!Small Town Chasers

?Your music and vocals are totally awesome AOEDE! Thanks for the support :-) !The Time Bomb

I’m hooked! Love your voice and lyrics! a rare and welcomed combo!” Roxanne Idol

SCRATCH THE SURFACE : Top Song! A Hit! Although I doubt very much you only do that, too deep* Love ? Jay Extraballe

Lisa~ You have an effusion of beauty flowing within your music. I am a fan!!” Christine McHoes

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Love your sound and your love songs. I have to say that you are one of the most impressive talents I have found since being on ReverbNation. As a hopeful romantic, I am glad to be connected here and on FB and looking forward to your future accomplishments. ?All the best, ?Dale” Dale Houston

“You take your music very seriously and you have a gift. Actually, more than 1 gift. You can’t fail.” Rick Nickerson

“I became a fan of you. You are sensational. I am in love! Haha thanks for sharing! (: I hope you have a great rest of your day!” Maritza Dismary Daisy

Hope you’re doing well…you’re one of the most talented&unique artists on RN…-david

AOEDE Creating Beautiful Amazing Music!! Your talent says it all in your beautiful music!!! Sweet and Peacful Voice! Cheers!” Stand Volume

Such an amazing voice you have..I LOVE “I lost You win” a masterfull composition. We’re listening.” IRL

“I love the darker, more serious feel of “I lost you win”, but the other music by Aoede is just plain fun!! Wonderful to listen to and a real mood lifter!! You have to hear this artist!!” Adam Kaul

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Love, love your tunes!! I Lost, You Win really touches me deep. Keep the awesome music coming. Peace, love and blessings!” The Angel Angie

You are one of the best pop singers i have heard in a while….really fantastic!!” The Prophet Samuel

“AOEDE…fantastic songs…beautifully written, produced and presented…edgy, and very contemporary…quite unique, I love them…thanks for the invite Kindest regards Gary Dobbin” Tank7Even

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“Awesome tunes you have here. Absolute wonderful feelings and vibes. Thank you for the wonderful comment.”Love proof” sound a masterpiece.Keep creative and stay in touch……” Naetica

You have a very unique voice. It’s beautiful… Your style of music reminds me of Lily Allen. Your music is great and I would love to hear more.” Nicole McGlyn

Wow, the hardest-working woman in show business…I just had a deep look at your FB page…and the Reverbnation page…bravo on all your efforts!” Aaron English

What a sweet voice :)Michael Sigman

“…Ahhh ~ pretty songs from a pretty face ~ I feel like waltzing to “If You Already Knew” I Am Eclectic

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You had me at the first notes of I Lost, You win. Mesmeric piano sound and great vocal performance!” Rodeo Terrorists

I really like “What you Got”, really a happy positive tune, ?Keep shining Aoede!” Note Slinger

Can’t get Fall In Love With Love melody out of my head, it’s been 3 days now. You’ve got me hooked. Great stuff, Aoede!” Terry Carr

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Wow, You are truely a gifted singer/song writer” Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr.

Generally i like all your songs ?but i like “crave me” the most!! ?keep creating wonderful music for us : )” Tsai

I love your voice and the songs I’m gonna have to show you off :-} my sister will love you!?” Some1Famous

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Never tire of listening to such beautiful music and arrangements!! Such an Awesome & Special music!! Cheers!” Stand Volume

“Love proof,” such a feel good song, very catchy, cute video Carmen Laing

I Lost You Win is a beauty! I love the piano chords and notes ?your voice is uniquely beautiful! ?you will go far!” Melody Joy

Gorgeous melodies and vocals. BIG FAN :) Hope to see you out west sometime soon! Best of luck :) Sara Syms (The Ashen)?” Sara Syms

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Hi Aoede. Your songs are amazing with terrific vocals. “If You Already Knew” and “Fairy Tale Love” are favs among favs. Beautiful.” Wayne Westervelt

Hi lisa ~ give me fairy tale love ~hope you find a frog that changes into a prince! positive vibes ~ Pink Side of The Moon

Beautiful music with a realy great voice, love the style, a great joy to listen this fantastic work” Syntopia Music

Good Lord, after listening to several hundred RN artists, I can honestly say you blew me away. It’s like listening to Belle & Sebastion with stronger (not whispery Stuart Murdoch) vocals. Absolutely fabulous, lush and intelligent pop. Regards, ?Bill ?” Bill Odle

“Wow, really fresh and unique pop-alt – a touch of Cyndi Lauper meets a bit of punk – “Does Your Heart …” even hints of classic jazz? We could be wrong, but bet you are a fan of old classic jazz – a la – Billie Holiday?” Indie Islands

Your arrangements are so beautiful. I love Fairy Tale Love. Very dynamic and classy. Best wishes. Save The Children” Magnificat Sonnets

You have a good melodic sense, a very pleasant voice, & a unique mysterious allure. I even think you’re kinda cute ~ but you bet I say that to all the girls !! ; D ~ The Altruistic Messiah – Ben Vandagriff

I lost you win is very good, warm rich vocals with a cool groove, love the quashed vocal line in the background. Hey I read your blog, I am so sorry. You have courage I respect you. Keep on keep on. Ash” Mindful Chaos

Beautiful tunes, genuinely original…” Naive Dreamers

“Love your style and your feel of your music. I will definitely listen to more! ?scott j” Miserable End

I just feel like listening to you right now. Thanks for being you and making these tunes!” Kayt Lucas

Aoede rocks…..Play em all…..” Achilles Band

I dance to your music. I can only say thank you Aoede for your music and the conversation I feel with you.” to dance is to Breathe

Positively love “I Lost, You Win”. Beautiful vocal, and love the dynamics of the chorus. Simply excellent!” Oden Young

“We think you are doing an amazing job with everything. Hold your head up high and don’t ever let anyone or thing knock you down, your Great. We wish you the best of luck!” Avaeya

The fog has lifted…the sun has been shining…and once again you’re making my ears really happy :-) Lisa…you rock! Cheers” Delaney Simpson

Wishing you every success Aoede ~ you deserve it, Andrew”! Andrew Austin

WOW! I am in love with your voice. Your music is is extremely appealing too! A great fit. I am so glad to have met you and look forward to sharing and hearing more!” Shawn Bray

Wow! Really COOL! AWESOME VOICE Mood Music

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I like your Fairy Tale Love Great song” Lawrence Ovalle

Hey Aoede! Your music is amazing, I loved “I Lost, You Win”! Matheus Neder

I like your music very much. Very nice tunes and sound! Awesome voice! Best regards Karlheinz” Karlheinz

Love your work!” Ron Morgan’s Twisted Train

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Aoede you are just plain awesome….Thank you…..M.” Michael Porschet

You, my Lady, are an inspiration! I am in awe of your strength and fortitude! And I feel blessed by your beautiful talent and your compassionate heart! Thank you for sharing your story with me. You very well may become my inspiration, my muse, my Aoede! Adam Schoch

I lost you win…lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Like a slightly sinister lullaby!!” Sisaret

Fantastic set of songs. These are so sensuous and feminine…. a guilty pleasure for sure!” Kayt Lucas

“More than excellent , fantastic music… With my respect turn up the music !!!!! from DJ ANTONIO” DJ Antonio

We are addicted to I Lost you Win! lol is a very precious song and great performance, one of the best artist here on Reverb, or anywhere for that matter.” Stand Volume

Just bought Love Proof off iTunes…The best to you The Lires

Fantastic voice, beautiful woman, beautiful soul …what a charmer!” The Despotic Kings

I love this Lady with the unique, superb voice and excellent writing skills” Daniel Johnny Johnson, Jr.

“Come to get me some Muse, lovely sounds that keep me coming back for more. Keep shining!” Note Slinger

-Undiscussably dreamlike-” Pyjama Devil

Sweet, beautiful voice and soothing music and awesome instrumentals. I Love “If You Already Knew” KC Daleigh

Good music I recognize immediately. Such as your. Great feeling. Excellent produces. A wonderful gift.” Factoryset

My words cannot describe what I am hearing great work !!!!! AWESOMEEEEEEE !!!!! greetings DJ ANTONIO ))))))))))) ” DJ Antonio

“Absolutely love your music and your beautiful voice :)Leah Jealene

You have absolutely beautiful music. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your musical influences. So inspiring!” Nocturnal Wraith

I left You a comment Because i sincerely believe your wonderful, and I also Think That Tori amos and an artist known as “Hannah Fury” would find you deeply intoxicating. The Piano in i lost you is Beautiful. x” Muere Perra

Young lady you are so sweet and I don’t think that is the marketing, I think that is your heart and soul.Of the thousands I have met/heard on RN there is something special about you and your music.” RGraceful

Hi, Lisa! I dig your entire presence. I Lost You Win video truly captured me vocally, as well as the performance in general. Bravo & Cheers!” Pete Haase

“Love your music and what you’re doing with it! – Kerry Leigh” Kerry Leigh

Thank you for the good music,and beautiful voice..i love your i lost you win track every time i hear:)Thanks!” Alex Fedorov

Beautiful name. You have just the right voice for storytelling, your phrasing is on point; you do it well. Keep ‘em comin’ gurl!” J.Cinnamon

You are Awesome! Love your music!” Rachal and Cason

Such sweet singing! chasing rainbows and fairy tales – lovely! thanks” Erika May

“I think your video rocks. And you have a very beautiful singing voice. Keep up the great work, and have an amazing Weekend! Much Love, Paul OXOXOXO” FevRidesAgain

Just heard you on VRadio! Amazing! Your voice and songs are amazing as well!!” Marek Starx

Spinechilling magic…” Maxmus

Hey Lisa,back to hear more of your music, It has such a cool vibe,sound, and feel to it.. “Fairy Tale Love” is a hit, GOOD LUCK.” Ron Lee

Just love ‘fairytale love!’” Nancy Ann Michaud

“Your voice has such character.. i love ‘fairytale love!’” Rebecca Ray

Beautiful music and melodies!!!! I can totally feel it!! I was writing my part as I was listening, and that’s when it’s fun!!!” Crawley

Amazing Music!!!!” Lord of Spirits

Lovely and enchanting music, very nicely done!! All the best in the New Year ~ Frankie” Frankie O’Rourke

Truly touched here…awesome..:)” Ghost

“Tonight’s favorite up here on the frozen mountain: “Crave Me” – girl, it’s workin’! Such a well-crafted song, straightforward and alluring at the same time – well done kid, love ya – Tom” Tom Balek

Great Music ….Love your voice ….So Beautiful :) Dorian —AsTruM OrTuS—” Astrum Ortus

Hi, just wanted to let you know I liked your song I Lost You Won so I shared it to my Tweeps. You have a great vocal talent. Keep up the great work. ?Trax” TraxNContrl

Beautiful songs Aoede. Wonderful stuff” Fronz Arp

Lovin’ your music Aoede!…Sweet, haunting, and eclectic! ~ Sur Rod” Sur Rod

“If You Already Knew…….greatly hypnotizing” LunariaN

Simply beautiful music, cheers” 12GaugeShotGlass

Originality, plus a sound so unique make beautiful music. A flow overflowing with passion & good energy. Miracle music!! Stay on it!!” SfactorEnt

Hi Aoede ?Love your singing and music. It is something I could just listen too for hours on end.” Russell Auty

Love proof :) bouncy excellent :) Magic Marker


And May You Win And Every Single Thing That Your Are Trying To Accomplish Happen Right Before Your Eyes.You Are On Another Level,Really Makin It Happen, Bravo Aoede…” Blood Soulja

Hello Aoede, Just want to say hello and I love your style. Excellent voice and I love the piano. Keep going!” James Keith

Such beautiful vocals and arrangements…..thank you for the music !!” Lefty Blues Band

LOVE your stuff… the composition, voice, everything :) Marquita Brown

“Your music speaks for itself. I like it alot.” Buckshot

Just popped by to listen into your great songs – and right now I’m listening to I lost, you win. What an amazing song – so well arranged and recorded. Of course you have a great voice too.. :)UV POP

I f*&%ng LOVE your MUSIC!!!” Fatima Lily

So love Fairy Tale Love” Mickey Hedden

Amazing songwriter, artist and someone with a big heart. Great music!! Big Fan!” Deenoboy

“Where would the world be without beautiful song, we can be thankful for your wonderfully constructed verse and melody Aoede, the building blocks of a happy earth,plus superb video, have a fabulously picturesque weekend of bliss,Peace, World Love, Song and Vision, Johnny” Johnny Bonkers

Superb melodic, unique songs. Distinctive vocals and smart, emotionally sharp and literate lyrics.” Last Day on Earth

I really thank you and love your style and work…god bless you rock! m/” Kevin Looney

“Thank-You! I am glad to know of & about You!. The more I learn about You, the more I Enjoy You!…!!! God Bless You! Aoede” Ronnie Eugene Jones

Fairy Tale Love is SWEET! Keep it up! peace, Dennis” Dennis Dolloff

“HI Lisa I started listening to your songs and found myself picking up my Nashville PowerTele electric guitar.I hadn’t done this in quite awhile.Then i started playing along with your songs!Felt good to play lead guitar again it was like i had heard them before but i know i hadn’t.Really like your songs!AJ ” AJ Baker

You’re one of the beautiful people in the world!!” KLD

Great material! Love the video too!!” Barley Station

“Hello amazing talented beautiful friend, Great music! so beautiful voice! Absolutely fantastic! ” Ryo

It’s Sunday night, the football games are over, so it’s time to play my favorite RN music. Playing “If You Already Knew” – really nice, Lisa!!!’” Wayne Westervelt

“Really pretty music and great voice! thx! :)Joe La Bianca

Lovely singing and music – keep it up” RNA

May the muse continue the bless our souls with song in 2012!” Walttravels

“Hi i came by to see your beutiful face and your soft beutiful skin and to hear your soothing yet sexy voice!American Britt!you ease my pain!” American Britt

Move over, Adele! Here comes Aoede! Fantastic!” Hitherside

“You are writing really original melodies. Great music and love your voice too!” Greg Leatherman And Friends

Awesome video! Really warm vocals and beckoning keys!” Kyle Rutley Music

Just listened to you on the King’s Podcast! Congrats on all your success & your AIM Award! Fabulous!” Traces

Just clickin’ around listening and I came to your page and WOW ! I absolutely LOVE your voice. This is vocal honesty at its best.Kasie Lunsford

What a beautiful voice you have!!” The Panther Lab

“Playing Love Proof….this is a really cool track. Love the harmonies and the melody is just so cool. And the lyrics…show me how to do this thing called life…yeh I dont know either… ” Joe-NYC Guitarist

“Hi Liz…you’re one of the beautiful souls in the world…an amazing person and artist. -david k” Shout Out Nation

“Sweet honest lyric and vocals…Great sound!….”I lost You win….very cool!…T.F.Tribal Frequencies

“I like your music and am very impressed and inspired by your spirit. Best wishes!ORSuperFan

I love your music Aoede, you set my spirit free!” Frankie O’Rourke

“Beautiful voice… it…!” Blind Reaction

Great voice girl!” Space Junkie

CONGRATULATIONS AOEDE!!!!  Super awesome news!!  So happy for you!  You definitely deserve these awards! ” Felomena

“Awesome Lisa.!!! I’m ecstatic about your wonderful success, you truly deserve it.!! South Africa is proud of you… well i am.!!! Lovies Herman” Herman

Such eloquent well-crafted songs and beautifully delivered in a very distinctive and delicate way. Every song is a delight. I must stop listening and do some songwriting.” Andy Shearer

“Listening to your stuff in the middle of the night makes me verry happy! :) it will go very far! take care! melody joy” Melody Joy

“Fairy Tale Love” — What a great feeling! Thanks AOEDE!” Joe Maco

“Very very very nice voice, if you were in Ireland I would record you straight away :) Terry Gordon

“I have been listening to your music on reverbnation and you have an amazing voice. Just amazing!” Joey Williams

“So glad Kloudworks sent me your way – such wonderful music and creativity.” Rhesus Monkey

“Great originality here, perfectly blended. awesome work.” Raven’s Angel Project

“Yo you’re crazyy talented, I will def. check you out some more and def. stay in touch…” Seven Stories

“Aoede, your song ” I Lost, You Win. Beautiful, Love your Vocals & Song.I’ll look for you on facebook. take care john Defillipo…” Johnny De

Hi Aoede, first of all I want to congratulate you for the/your great success, is beautiful !!!! I love your music and voice as well !! Beautiful performance !! Just followed you on twitter …” Endre Karbiner

“Great music! Beautiful voice, interesting lyrics… i have enjoyed every song I have listened to! Thanks for sharing! :D” Todd Tucker
“If You Already Knew is adorable!” Allen James Teague

“Woohoo… i rockin to your songs .. really nice stuff … Kikuta super happy tobe your friend :) … ” I wish you and your band continued success as God continues to rain down on you” Aji Kikuta

“You and your ukele of love are emissaries from Venus.” Greg Leatherman

“You have such a BEAUTIFUL sound!!!” Savannah Bleu

Hi.Great sound. I love Fairy Tale Love. Great vocal. Wonderful lyric. Lovely arrangement.” Mark Parker

Sweet voice sweet music great work !!!!!!!! best wishes from austria !!” Auditact

Oh my, such splender, warmth and genuine feelings.” Mike Huntingford

“I’ve been in the music business for over 20 years and at this point it’s easy for me to identify a true talent when I see or hear that artist. Just paying respect where respect is due. If you’re touring make sure to make a tour-stop in Las Vegas. I’m absolutely certain your performance would go over well in my city. Warmest regards. — Jay .Harmon Sound

“Very clean, melodic music with great vocals & dynamics. great to discover you.” Zed Mizar

I am so glad i fanned you Aoede, LOVE your new song ,CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC. Lyndon Rivers

Wow…”Can’t stop the music”….really great tune!…Blessings…T.F.” Tribal Frequencies

Some of this music almost made me cry, I loved it that much! Oh wow! I mean that, wow! You fall into a very special class of amazing artists. Kate Bush, Ani Difranco, Feist, Tori Amos. WOW!!!Blizzard

Love Proof..such a lovely song” Vincent Pablo

“I sure can see why you received the honors you have. I Lost, You Win, is one of my favorite songs. Hmm, I guess it is hard to say favorite because I have always loved music, but gosh I love that song.” Lou Couch

Bought your new album , it’s sensational, Awesome , Addictive , have it in my car stereo, it will be there for some while yet . A TOP CLASS ALBUM.” Lyndon Rivers

Regarding your “Fairy Tale Love” video: The thing that really got to me was your annunciation, your expressions, and your movements that matched the song perfectly, like a Broadway musical. Most music videos have vocalists who walk around and sing but they don’t act – they are just singing. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone else do what you did with this song, and it was such a refreshing change!” Randy Stahla

“Aoede, unusual and bright. Have a great year!” Honey It’s The Jetsons

“?? CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC ?? wonderful my friend HAVE A BLESSED DAY” Anita Lynn

“Wonderful, I can see Why You Won….Excellent Voice…LOVE Your Music..>>” Ron Sillito

“Listened to your songs just now and what strikes me most is that, although all different, you’ve managed to brand each and every one of them with your unmistakable personal style, individual yet recognizable – simply great! All the best with it, Niels” Niels

“Hi Aoede, your music is very personal and entertaining.” Peter Holmqvist
“Love your vocals. Enjoyed listening to your radio interview on Calm Anarchy. All the best to you and your music. RM” Robert Machado
“Your voice is wonderful on “Love Proof” ! Beautiful tune !” Jeffrey Whitman
“Excellent tracks love. Very catchy and upbeat. Really like it! Best of luck to you. I can totally hear “Can’t Stop The Music” playing in a movie” Leo Folsom
LOVE that voice….so cool! GREAT songs here, well written and such a good feel to them. Cheers. Wayne” The Professor and Naomi Kay

Great music..Love Proof is hot!!!!!! You have a new biggest fan A!!!!” WaltBaby

“Hey Aoede! I love your music! A pleasure to listen to your songs!” Jordan Siwek

“Love the upbeat sound of “Can’t Stop The Music”. Very nice production, vocals, and textures of sounds and a catchy tune!” Jeff Harvey

“Loving your stunningly beautiful music and voice Lisa…” RS Mahmood

Lisa, Love Proof has me totally captivated and enchanted. Beautiful music here. Frank Smith” Sills & Smith

I’m digging ‘Can’t Stop The Music.’ Cheers. J” JacquesColey

“Can’t get enough of bittersweet! You have such a unique vocal style that harkens back to days gone by… like a memory that haunts you. My hat is off and horns are raised!-Rick (SR)” Splintered Reality

“Dig your superb Fairy Tale Love” LunariaN

“I love the style. It’s nice to listen to music that brings a smile to my face!” Dave McIsaac

Absolutely Wonderful!” Charmed4Life

Fairy Tale Love… another wonderful song, in a night sky that shines!… btw… Aoede’s videos are pretty darn amazing. If you aren’t watching I think you’re missing out on some wonderful film making. Most enjoyable!” Blue Phoenix

The songs of Skeletons of the Muse are pretty dang GOOD! Enjoyed them alot!” Arty85

“Fetching, sweet, charming tracks.” Markke

“This is so good, love your sound” Fandnyohnke

Lisa! What a sweet, pure voice and wonderful songs you have. I am so glad artists like you are out there making such great music. Much love.” Jamie Dolph

Truly sweet sounds! Love the diversity.” DJ Aqueous

“Love the happy vibe on your songs and your great voice!” The Entranced

“BITTERSWEET, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart , soul and big brass balls.” David Namerow

“Can’t Stop The Music” sounds like Car Commercial material to me. Nice music, I thank you.” Reign149

Sounds Like: Magic!” Jordan Martin

“Can’t Stop the Music”-really a nice, catchy tune her, love your voice!!” John Lange

“I just watched your video. I loved the whole thing..Something very innocent yet sophisticated. Great Job. You are adorable. Jamie” Lebish/Grinnell

“Back again and unbelievably your set seems even better than last time!” Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment


Can’t Stop The Music is such a cool song!” Mike Glendinning

Refreshingly original ENJOYED listening” Dawn Dark

“Brilliant music.Robert Watson


Good Music, good production, good vibes, a great job.” Elmer Pastorius

Nice work. Like the Fairy Tale Love!” Devin Renee

GREAT sound and vocals happening here!!! AWESOME WORK!!!” OrtizRocks

“Really great & cool touching, wonderful & brilliant stuff!…Ling-Ling Alfari

“You are so great. Love your music much.I&Son

Best Wishes and Congratulations on a stunning year so far. Loved reading of your Song of the Year award too. Eleyan” Honey It’s The Jetsons

Perfect day wants me to go back in short trousers, …and playing with sand. blissfully simple and enchantingly warm song. thank you so much for introducing us to your world xx.” ExitPenguin

BITTERSWEET! So Good!! Just loved this song! Your NY fan, ZERENA :)Zerena

Just voted for “Fairy Tale Love” an ISC Competition finalist & will do so every day dear Aoede! Win, win win!!! Love * Patricia” Ecologyngle

“I downloaded Bittersweet and Fairy Tale Love and added it to my Ipod shuffle. I like that some money goes to charity. I will buy more at another time wish you lot of success <3 ~Lori” Lori Doodlebug Barnes

“I really love your music girl. You are unique and have tramendous hit potential, and I don’t know if that has happened yet or not, but if not, it should have happened by now for sure.Mysti Mayhem